Blender Babe Flawless Foundation Applicator

Blender Babe Flawless Foundation Applicator


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  • Applying foundation has literally never been easier, with an light, airy breathable finish!

The problem is, applying foundation with your hands- pulling, tugging, smearing- prematurely AGES you.

Brush application can be thick like a mask (ew) or leave streaks.

However, application with a damp Blender Babe looks better than airbrush, saves your skin, and saves YOU on using too much foundation… which is money down the drain.

You may be asking, “Why $9.99, when I can get them on Amazon or at Walmart cheaper?”

Well, we’ve researched that one.  Save your “experimenting” dollars.  Some less expensive brands fall apart or feel hard as a rock: not so hot on your face.  Or another famously egg shaped sponge can run you $20 and a trip to Sephora. Again, money down the drain.  So, trust us.  We’ve got your back.

Directions: Simply wet your Blender Babe beneath a faucet and give it a squeeze, leaving a damp finish.  Apply 2 pumps of Flawless Finish Foundationto your skin using the Blender Babe. (If you need tips on application, see the Contouring Secrets Digital Product).  Wash your Blender Babe with antibacterial liquid soap after each use!  With proper care, these Babes last 6 months or more!

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  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a must have to use with the XMH foundation. It gives you a flawless finish.

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