Meet Your Match

Where do I even START?

  • Our team of makeup professionals will help you Meet Your Match💋
  • Three trial sized Foundation Matches ➕XMH Beauty’s Face Primer will arrive at your doorstep, as a complimentary service.
  • Please fill out the form below and submit a selfie with no filters so our makeup professionals can find your match.

    Meet Your Match

    Very LightLightMediumDeep

    After You Have Received Your Free Package

    1.) Apply XMH Beauty Primer to your CHEEK

    *NOT your hand or arm🤦🏼‍

    2.) Apply a line of each foundation shade to your cheek, on TOP of XMH Beauty Primer.  

    3.) Wait thirty seconds, then softly blend each foundation line into your skin to see which shade matches BEST with your cheek color.  If you’re still not sure, send our team a picture of your matches applies to your skin, and we will help you decide.

    ***Expert tip: natural daylight works best for matching… step out of the bathroom and into the window☀️

    Now, you’re ready to Bundle!

    *Note: foundation can change tone on your skin due to your own skin’s chemistry.  Some companies call this “oxidizing”. By waiting 30 seconds with the foundation ON your skin before you choose your match, you’ll give the foundation and your skin a chance to meet, match, and marry: giving you optimum results.