Hey GlamBabe!  Here’s your totally FREE makeup tip from our celebrity makeup artistry team, on the ONE thing that’s popping up in our inbox from makeup lovers everywhere:

How do Celebs seem to have makeup that stays on all through the red carpet, looks flawless, light, and like no makeup at all?  We’re about to give it to you straight Babe.

Here’s a List of DON’Ts:

  • Don’t layer foundation on thick trying to COVER.  Less is way way more.
  • Don’t skip concealer.  It’s meant to cancel what a THIN layer of foundation won’t.
  • Don’t expect foundation alone to stay on all day, all night, without LOCKING it in place.

Here’s the Hollywood Behind the Scenes Secret:

  1. Liquid Foundation and Creamy Concealers NEED to be locked in place for the day.
  2. Heat from your skin, humidity, and your body’s natural oils are a perfect combo to let your foundation slip and slide wherever it desires.  Your CLOTHES, the SCREEN of your phone, and into every FINE LINE, crease, crack and pore!!! ugh…


What YOU can do today:

Lock your foundation and concealer in place with a thin dusting of XMH Beauty’s Dual Pressed Powder!  Its like when Harry Met Sally.  Cool Whip met Strawberries. PB met Jelly.  They’re a perfect match for LONGWEAR,  matte finish that stops creasing, slipping, sliding, and melting in its TRACKS.

Bonus tip?  Use the Buffer Brush to apply your Dual Pressed powder to blemishes and large pore zones to minimize their appearance on camera and MAXIMIZE coverage for the day.

If you use this tip and LOVE the results, send us your Selfie today.  We love to Make YOU feel beautiful!

It’s what WE do.