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XMH Beauty Glam Bosses

Janey began learning hair and makeup skills from Xtina back in 2010. She used those skills to launch her own salon, on-site bridal and figure spray tanning services, and do makeup for media publications.

With all her success, Janey still invested in XMH Beauty’s Glam Boss Workshop, and further developed her cutting edge approach to editorial and runway.

“It’s worth everything…Hands on learning, the safe environment. It makes it easy to learn, and comfortable to try new things.”

Janey Cascadden, XMH Beauty Glam Boss Graduate

Mens makeup is one of those rare, elusive creatures that doesn’t get thought about very often. A little unknown, a little frightening… Men are usually hesitant to get it, and artists aren’t confident to offer it. Haylee can’t say that anymore! The advanced strategies she learned have exploded her already stellar skills! And now she can apply those skills to doing mens makeup for media, or an entire wedding party anywhere she goes!

Haylee says: “I loved watching the looks [being] done and being able to jump in and try anytime. The workshop was VERY hands-on which really helps with learning.”

Perfect work Haylee, you nailed it!”

Haylee, XMH Beauty Glam Boss Graduate

Danielle joined us with a challenge: Having 15 brides on the books for the summer, she wanted to climb out of her comfort zone with some fresh ideas. On set, Danielle went for the gold: Conquering this stunning editorial look with a new confidence, and airbrush makeup.

In response to the workshop she said, “I never learned these techniques and strategies in school!!”

Within days of attending, Danielle raised her prices and booked three more weddings for the season. We are so thrilled for you Danielle!”

Danielle Houston, XMH Glam Boss Graduate

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