Chances are, yes you did miss it!   Why?  Maybe you had no idea that such a concept as hand on makeup class from a celeb makeup artist like GlamFactor LIVE existed!  Or maybe you saw our ad and (like one of our precious clients) said to yourself, “That s**t doesn’t work!”

Whatever the case may be,  here’s your chance to get in on the fun.  Wednesday, November 9, 2016 XMH Beauty will be in Austin, TX, teaching a select, intimate group of women the very makeup hacks our company uses to style celebs, athletes, politicians, singers, actors, and rappers before they go on camera.

But why should you care?

Well, maybe you’re already a makeup genius.  However, the vast majority of women we meet state that they never learned how to do their makeup they do not have a skincare regimen, and are pretty scared to try wing liner or a smokey eye.  So, we take girls like you from makeup basics to makeup bada$$.

But, don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what GlamFactor LIVE Graduates have to say:

I am NO LONGER AFRAID OF MAKEUP because of you.” – Tammy Zappier, GlamFactor Grad

“After attending, I feel EMPOWERED that I can USE MAKEUP to my ADVANTAGE, and certain that I am professional and beautiful.”  –Samantha Boser, GlamFactor Grad

“With your Contouring Secrets, complete strangers were looking me in the eye and LISTENING to what I said… even mouthing my words as I spoke!” – Jill Kearns, GlamFactor Grad

I’m loving the MAKEUP.  I never knew it could be so FUN.” – Giovanna Owen, GlamFactor Grad

This S**T WORKS!” – Suzanne Clark, Contouring Secrets user

Still not sure? At XMH Beauty, we’re all about changing lives and bringing you beauty on any budget!  Because there’s two types of women: one who says, “I already have a drawer full of crap i don’t know how to use, and somehow have to use up.”  GREAT!  Join us on for  free weekly LIVE video tutorials and behind the scenes peeks at our classes and shoots.

But if you’re the next type of woman, the one who is committed to making a total transformation, GlamFactor LIVE in Austin, TX is the place for YOU!  Space is absolutely limited.  We are only accepting a small, intimate group of women and when it’s full, its full.  There are literally only three spots left for VIP tickets!

For all the details, CLICK the LINK BELOW for GlamFactor LIVE in AUSTIN, TEXAS!

GlamFactor Beauty Retreat – LA