About Us

Motto: GlamBabe Tribe

  • We’re the beautiful women who change the world’s perception of beautiful women

We’re the pretty + kind girls

  • We use Celebrity beauty routines to attract an audience for the unique message each one of us were born and created to say.
  • Our mission: Leave every room and every person more beautiful than you found them.
  • We are a sisterhood of encouragement, self-development, self-care; we take positive radiance into our families, communities, and causes.
  • Our corporate mission: we love you where you are, but too much to let you stay stuck.  Let’s grow together!


What we do:

Founded on the principles, experience, and intuitive artistic nature of a Celebrity makeup Artist, XMH Beauty simplifies step-by-step routines from the red carpet and makes them accessible and easy for the everyday amazing woman.


Our founder spent years with top notch beauty brands and noticed a trend: at makeup counters and online, it seemed that when the cosmetic sale was over, the relationship stopped. (Gasp!)  she notices that her mom, her best friends and close family were shopping from retailers and coming home clueless on how to use their new products. She also noticed that often they had the wrong shade of foundation.  (Ugh.🤦🏼‍️)


In an endeavor to help her besties, her mom, and her clients, XMH Beauty’s co-founder created an online forum to support clients far AFTER the sale.  Leading up to a purchase, the team sends would-be clients trial sized Cosmetics to test. We make sure it’s a perfect match, then help you shop for what works BEST for YOU.


All clients who purchase over $100 in Cosmetics are added to our Facebook Community full of how-to videos for each product, support, encouragement, giveaways, challenges, and friendships.


To top the cake, we offer live events to learn IN PERSON.  We even train Makeup Artists and have a team of beauty influencers and makeup artists to inspire you!


Lifestyle/what we’re about:

Financial freedom (our founders have paid off over $300k in debt and are advocates for financial literacy using DaniJohnson.com’s War On Debt strategy first, PLUS the True Wealth Formula (Link WealthBuilder App.)


we’re advocates for family, personal development, inspiration, redemption, forgiveness, and speaking for those who can’t.